14, 15 & 16 October 2023

the Parisot literary festival

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All of the festival events, other than meals, are completely free of charge.  This has always been an important part of our ethos, and it's extremely rare for any kind of literary event or festival like this. We work hard all year to raise funds and secure grants and it is increasingly challenging, as budgets are tighter and costs are rising everywhere.  

The simple fact is that if the festival is to continue beyond this year, we need to raise more funds.

Friend or patron status is valid for one year upon a minimum donation of €20 per person and €50 for patrons.  You can of course donate more! 

If you pay taxes in France your donation qualifies for a 66% tax reduction which means that a donation of €50 will only cost you €17!  

We will provide the receipt you need to claim this reduction. 

Alternatively, you can pay by cheque made payable to Association Festival Littéraire.  Please send to:
Association Festival Littéraire, La Médiathèque, 82160 PARISOT

Thank you for your support - we can't do this without you.

We urgently need your support to secure the future of our festival and keep all events free of charge

The simplest way to sign up is to make a secure online payment by clicking the Donate button below.  You do not need a PayPal account to pay this way, you can simply use any bank card.