18, 19 & 20 octobre 2019

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« To me, being a photographer is a way of writing.  I am an author-photographer."

le festival littéraire de Parisot

We are honoured to welcome to Festilitt the esteemed French photographer Bernard Plossu who has surveyed the entire world equipped only with luck, intuition and his inseparable Nikkormat 50mm camera.

He is a devoted book-lover (he has published over 150) who creates each of his books with the help of friends who are writers and editors. In a joint session in both French and English, he will present his latest work, entitled Lire, écrire (Yellow Now: 2019), which opens with a text by the great Aveyronnais poet, Bernard Noël, who mined Plossu's personal archives for inspiration.  

In Lire, écrire, we encounter images of writers at work, of people reading in Mexico, in India, in Paris, in trains, in the street, in bed, in bookshops and in libraries, in Palermo and in Delhi; as well as photographs of other forms of writing: hieroglyphics and graffiti in Egypt and Toulon.

Born in Vietnam in 1945, Plossu started taking pictures when he was 13 years old. When he was 20, he went to Mexico to photograph the Chiapas region and its inhabitants.  He then spent years in California, where he took portraits of west coast beatnik poets, of Allen Ginsburg, Sam Shepard and others. His photos are in the collection of numerous museums, including the Centre Pompidou, le Musée d'art moderne de Strasbourg, and la Maison Européene de la Photographie.​

Bernard Plossu
20 octobre 

​​11h00 - Salle des Fêtes

Joined by Guy Jungblut,  the founder and director of Yellow Now publishers