Emma has worked  as a graphologist since 1989, analysing handwriting for both the corporate and private sectors and her client list has included members of the aristocracy and celebrities as well city institutions, recruitment agencies, hotels, charities and property companies.

From a relatively small sample of handwriting she can reveal fascinating insights into the personality and character of the individual including reliability, energy levels, social skills, honesty and even health issues as well as compatibility between couples and business associates.

She has a high media profile, appearing regularly on both the BBC and commercial channels, for example, two series of History Hunt with Bill Oddie for BBC and GMTV’s This Morning. She has also written graphology columns in The Times and The Financial Times and has written articles for all the major UK newspapers including The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Daily Mail as well as magazines such as Cosmopolitan and The Field.

She has also worked on forensic linguistic cases for insurance companies, intelligence agencies, banks and individuals, analysing the language used in emails, texts and blogs and all forms of printed communication.  As well as helping with recruitment and corporate restructuring, she has helped to solve cases of fraud for both private individuals and for businesses.  

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the Parisot literary festival

18, 19 & 20 October 2019

Festival Dinner

Continue the conversations over dinner with the authors on Saturday night and get to know the people behind the books.  

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Book Sale

​​There will be book sales and signings at the end of each session.  
You can also buy a selection of books by participating authors throughout the weekend at our bookshop

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Emma Bache:

Reading between the lines 

Friday 18 October 

18h00 Parisot library

Festival Opening

Friday 19th Oct 19h00

Join us for a relaxed and convivial apéro dinatôire to kick off our sixth festival in style.  

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Emma Bache is one of the UK's leading graphologists and her first book explores what our handwriting says about us.