Festival Dinner
Continue the conversations over dinner with the authors on Saturday night and get to know the people behind the books.  

More info coming soon 

Festival opening 19h00, salle des fetes

Nick Hayes,       14h30, salle des fetes

Mary Lynn Bracht, 11h00, salle des fetes

Sunday 21st October 

Graeme Burnet,       16h00, salle des fetes

19, 20 & 21 October 2018

Friday 19th October 

Our 2018 programme is finalised.                 Please click on the images below for details. 

Book Sale

​​There will be book sales and signings at the end of each session.  
You can also buy a selection of books by participating authors throughout the weekend at our bookshop

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Festival Opening 

​Friday 19th Oct 19h00

Join us for a relaxed and convivial apéro dinatôire to kick off our sixth festival in style.  

Local Voices 18h00, the library 

An introduction to Festilitt from our patron, Adam Thorpe

Copyright Festilitt 2018 

Mike Poulton,    16h00, salle des fetes

Richard Vinen,  14h30, salle des fetes

Saturday 20th October 

Clare Mulley,    11h00, salle des fetes

For all questions email info@festilitt.com​​ 

the Parisot literary festival