Festival Dinner
Continue the conversations over dinner with the authors on Saturday night and get to know the people behind the books.  

By reservation: email info@festilitt.com

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A poignant, comic, beautifully drawn graphic novel from a Costa-nominated novelist. 

A thoroughly contemporary coming of age tale from a distinctive debut novelist



Art exhibition  

​​All weekend there will be an exhibition displaying original works of art by French and English authors, inspired by the books being presented at this year's festival.  Each piece of art is for sale, as are postcards fo all of the images.  

The former BBC R4 journalist recounts his career in current affairs.  

A poignant, contemplative tale of music, love and regret from a prolific and renowned author. 

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An explosive and intimate account of the couple's unconventional private lives.

​​Please email info@festilitt.com to reserve.

Requiem, by Gabriel Faure

​​The Parisot choir will close the festival with a concert in the village church. 

Copyright Festilitt 2019 

A touching collection of an artist’s sketches and letters from the WWI trenches. 

Book sale 

​​New and second-hand books will be on sale all weekend in the village school. 

At the end of each session you will also be able to buy the book in the salle des fetes and have it signed by the author. 


18, 19 & 20 October 2019

​​18h00 Parisot library

Festival opening: a presentation from the school children, speeches from our supporters, the art exhibition & an apéro dinatoire.


Tea and cakes 

​​Join us for free tea and home-made cakes between sessions on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the school canteen.  


Our 2019 programme is confirmed: click on the book cover for more information about the authors.   Unless otherwise stated, all events will take place in the salle des fetes. 

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​An introduction to graphology from one of the UK's leading experts.

​​​Festival highlights...



Friday 18th 

An amazing collection of images of readers and writers from around the world, presented by renowned French photographer Bernard Plossu

Festival concert

​​The Parisot choir will close the festival with a concert in the village church at 18h15 on Sunday. 

the Parisot literary festival

Sunday 20th

Saturday 19th