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Sunday 22nd Oct 10h30

Take a relaxed Sunday stroll around the village and drop in to several different events throughout the morning. 

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Book Sale

​​There will be book sales and signings at the end of each session.  
You can also buy a selection of books by participating authors throughout the weekend at our bookshop

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20, 21 & 22 October 2017

Keggie Carew: Dadland

Saturday 21st October 

16h30 Salle des fêtes

Copyright Festilitt 2017 

Festival Dinner

Continue the conversations over dinner with the authors on Saturday night and get to know the people behind the books.  

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Festival Opening

Friday 20th Oct 19h00

Join us for a relaxed and convivial apéro dinatôire to kick off our fifth festival in style.  

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Keggie Carew has lived in London, West Cork, Barcelona, Texas, and New Zealand. Before writing her career was in contemporary art. She studied English Literature at Goldsmiths, University of London, ran an alternative art space called JAGO and opened a pop-up shop in the East End of London called theworldthewayiwantit.  She lives near Salisbury. 

She will talk about her book Dadland, which won the 2016 Costa Biography award, and uncovers the secrets of her enigmatic father’s past.  Tom Carew was an undercover guerrilla agent in the Second World War, parachuted behind enemy lines to help raise guerrilla resistance first against the Germans in France with the maquis in the Jura, then against the Japanese in Southeast Asia, where, as a sarong-clad twenty-five-year-old he was called the 'Mad Irishman' and 'Lawrence of Burma.’  

In peacetime he lived on his wits and irresistible charm but these were not the best qualities to sustain a family.  Part detective story, part history, part biography, woven together with Keggie’s personal experience of growing up with this dazzlingly charismatic yet challenging man, Dadland is an epic story of success, failure, grief, jealousy, madness, mischief, memory, family turmoil and fierce love. 

The book has been described as “a mesmerising performance by a natural storyteller” (Ian Sinclair), “an original, moving book” by The Guardian and as “compelling and moving from start to finish” by The Financial Times. Mary Loudon, Judge of Costa Biography 2016, says it is: “A stand out, stand alone piece of work because it was so unusual. For me it had the magic ingredient: it had beautiful prose, beautiful, smooth, readable, accessible prose and it was utterly hilarious.  The most unconventional biography I have ever read.”

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